YPJ Afrin Commander: The Turkish state is digging its own grave

YPJ Commander Sosin Birhat called threats of invasion by the Turkish army and their gangs "suicide" and said, "The Turkish state is digging its own grave."

Women's Defense Units (YPJ) Afrin Commander Sosin Birhat Spoke to ANHA about attacks and threats against Afrin by the invading Turkish army and their gangs.

Sosin Birhat pointed out that the Turkish state fears a popular Serhildan (uprising) in Turkey since the start of the popular Serhildans in Iran and said, "Turkey has increased its attacks on Afrin to hide the crisis the country is experiencing."

"The invasion attempt is suicide for the Turkish state”

Sosin Birhat said everybody knows that the Turkish state's fascistic policies have failed and that it lives in a closed state now. Remarking that Erdogan's and the Turkish state's policies have come to the point of suicide with the attempt to invade Afrin, Birhat said: "Turkey and those who applaud its policies are digging their own graves."

The YPJ Commander mentioned the resistance of the fighters against the Turkish army gangs and said, "Our fighters who resisted and liberated dozens of villages in the Shehba region have an accumulation of military experience and power today."

"The Afrin resistance will be the end of Turkish invasionism in Syria"

"We are now facing the historic resistance of Afrin. Our forces do not fear this. This resistance will bring good outcomes for the peoples of the region in particular and will be the end of Turkey's invasionism in Syria,” said YPJ Commander Sosin Birhat.

Stating that the people of Afrin have a spirit of resistance, she added that everybody in the region will resist for their freedom.