YPG’s Gifford: We will spread the message of Kurdish revolution

After the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa the internationalist movement’s mission is to spread the message of Kurdish revolution all the around the world, Macer Gifford, an internationalist fighter for YPG said.

Speaking at the PYD-Europe Congress in the Hague city of the Netherlands, British YPG volunteer Macer Gifford said that the internationalist movement fought against the ISIS alongside the YPG and YPJ in some of the worst and brutal engagements of the Syrian civil war.

Gifford pointed out that right now there are hundreds of internationalists on the front line “doing their duty and fighting for humanity”.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of your movement, to be defending democracy, to be fighting for all the peoples of Syria. I feel like I have witnessed the history, I am witnessing the liberation of Syria and establishment of new way of thinking for the Middle East and for the world” Gifford said.

Gifford commemorated fallen comrades during the war with these words: “It hasn’t always been easy and we suffered greatly. 35 of my comrades have been killed over the years from places like America, Britain, Slovenia, all over the world.”

“What really happens is the international movement is moving to a whole new direction now. With the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa, the real challenge is to tell the world what we’ve seen as volunteers. So my world from now on will be to start telling to truth, educate the people to spread the message of Kurdish revolution all around the world” Gifford said.