YCR calls on the youth of Rojava to join the YPG/YPJ ranks

YCR called for a general mobilization and invited the youth of Rojava and Northern Syria to the ranks of defense forces, YPG and YPJ in response to the Turkish state's invasion operations against Afrin.

The Youth Union of Rojava (Yekitiye Ciwanen Rojava -YCR) released a statement about the Turkish invasion operations against Afrin.

Full text of the statement by YCR is as follows;

“In these moments right now, the fascist Turkish state is attacking our people and land in Afrin. With warplanes they are bombing cities, villages, the mountains and the valleys. For a long time the beginning of fighting in Afrin has been a main topic, and now it became true.

We as the Youth Union of Rojava always made our stand clear that defending our people and our land is our priority. For this reason we call for a general mobilization. Everybody who feels what is happening and with honor in his or her heart, with courage and belief needs to take a weapon and join the forces that are defending Rojava. Talking is over, they want war, we are going to give them war. Rojava is going to be the grave of Erdoğan and Bahçeli.

If everyone remembers, during Kobanê, Erdoğan was screaming every day: “Kobanê is going to fall today, is going to fall tomorrow”. That’s what he said, but with the brave resistance of thousands of martyrs, Kobanê did not fall but became the symbol for the free will of the people. Look where we are today.

The peoples of Northern Syria are standing together and with our common struggle, as Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, Assyrians and Turkmens we did not only defend ourselves, but we destroyed the Islamic State, their capital was liberated with the effort and blood of hundreds of freedom-fighters. Like this the sisterhood of the people and a democratic Syria became a guarantee. Today they are having dirty plans again. Erdoğan wants to take action this winter before it gets spring, because this spring is going to be the spring of the defeat of the Turkish fascism. It is going to be the peoples’ revolution-spring.

The Turkish-state’s existence on our soil is not at all legitimate and like the youth of northern Syria we will never accept it. They have to know that Kobanê was the beginning of the downfall of ISIS, the same way Afrin will be the beginning of Erdoğan’s end. We will make the whole border a warzone against occupation. That’s why we call on all revolutionary and democratic youth of the world to rise up against Turkish state fascism. We especially call on the revolutionary and democratic youth in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan to rise up against the AKP-MHP dictatorship.

We call on the youth of Rojava and Northern Syria to join the defense forces, join YPG and YPJ, against Turkish occupation rise up! Wherever you are, go to the streets! Long live the Afrin resistance! Long live Rêber APO! Rise Up! Rise Up! Rise Up!”