YAT captures ISIS members planning a massacre in Manbij

Anti-Terror Units (YAT) captured 5 ISIS members that were preparing for a massacre in Manbij at Eid Al-Fitr.

Anti-Terror Units (YAT) have been following 5 ISIS members that mingled with the civilians fleeing Raqqa, and crossed into Manbij with their arms and munitions recently.

In an operation conducted at 23:00 on June 21st, YAT units caught the ISIS group as they were making preparations for an attack in Manbij.

Taken into intorragation, the ISIS members confessed their plan and disclosed where the arms they would use in the attack were hidden. YAT units seized 4 Kalasknikovs, 16 Kalashnikov rounds, 2 guns, 3 clips, 80 bullets and 300 Kalashnikov bullets of the gangs.

The captured ISIS members were reported to be preparing for a massacre in Manbij at Eid Al-Fitr, and their interrogation continues.