Turkish army and allied gangs abduct and torture people in Afrin

The Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to abduct, torture and execute people in Afrin.

Hisen Heci Şexo (55) and Kolin Bilal Hemo (85) have been brutally tortured by the Turkish state allied gangs in the Xelka village in the RaJo region. Kolin Hemo fainted and was locked in a room, with nobody allowed to go near him.

Kolin Hemo’s brother Bilal Hemo was beheaded by the gangs last week.


A source from the Shengele village in Rajo’s Meydana district stated that the Feyleq Al Rahman gangs abducted two young men from the village, from the Sifar and Etiş families, and that their fate is unknown.

Three days ago, brothers Ayat Ehmd Reşid and Mahir Ehmed Reşid were abducted from the Al Hajar village in the Mabata district. Their location is unknown.