"The education system of Rojava is a rebirth"

Participants in a delegation visiting the University of Rojava described the education system in Rojava as a "rebirth of education".

The ANHA news agency conducted interviews with participants of the international delegation of academics to the symposium "Democratic, Free University and Educational Models" at the Rojava University in Qamishlo.

Academic and women's rights activist Havin Güneşer stressed the importance of an education system that promotes people's co-existence and the interconnection of all components of society. She said that in order to create freedom and democracy, the university has great significance, as the aim of the ruling powers is to force the Kurdish people under their rule. "For the Kurds, the universities are important places to free themselves from this mentality. The discussions taking place in this regard at the universities and academies will yield important results. "

Havin Güneşer further stated that the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan's book addresses the situation of all peoples: "The ruling states have endeavoured to create a monochrome reality. Abdullah Öcalan has made important contributions to the education and development of the peoples."

Anthropologist Prof. Dr. David Graeber of the London School of Economy said he had come to Rojava for the second time to understand the founding idea and the education system of Rojava University. "This is a rebirth," he said.