Kurdish guerrilla captured alive and executed by Turkish soldiers

A 33-second video obtained by ANF shows a Kurdish guerrilla captured alive by Turkish soldiers. The guerrilla on the video, Cuma Imen, was executed moments after.

Cuma Imen (nom de guerre: Kocer Devrim) was captured alive by Turkish soldiers on July 24, in Beytüşşebbap, a district of Şırnak province. It was reported that he was executed at that time.

A 33-second video obtained by ANF shows guerrilla Imen near two Turkish soldiers. A Turkish commander tells him to say that Turkish soldiers behaved him good. Imen refuses to do so and says “They beat me.”

After Imen insists that he was beaten, Turkish commander orders the camera to be shut.

Peoples’ Defence Forces (HPG) released a statement saying that he was captured alive then executed.

HPG said, Turkish soldiers murdered him because he refused to play a role according to the scenario written by Turkish soldiers.