“Invasion of Afrin was a repeat of what happened in Shengal”

Swedish doctor Nîmal Xefûrî, who has witnessed the Turkish state attacks against Afrin and the migration of the civilian population, said “it was a repeat of what happened in Shengal”.

Swedish doctor Nîmal Xefûrî has witnessed the Turkish state’s barbaric attacks and the migration of the people as she brought medical supplies to Afrin. She thinks the events in the city are like what happened in Shengal.

Swedish doctor Nîmal Xefûrî works for the Joint Support for Kurdistan organization in Europe and had collected donations for solidarity with the citizens of Afrin. Nîmal later went to Afrin to deliver the collected aid, which was when she witnessed the barbaric attacks of the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs.

Now Nîmal offers medical services to Afrin citizens in the Shehba Canton along with Heyva Sor a Kurd workers, and speaks abut what she witnessed.

Nîmal Xefûrî said what happened in Afrin is a repeat of what happened in Shengal: “When I saw the migrating people on the roads, in ruined shops and homes, I thought of Shengal.” Nîmal said she will be giving seminars on the humanitarian situation of citizens of Afrin when she returns to Sweden and Finland, and added that the international public should not remain silent in this matter.