YJA-Star guerrilla: "The enemy lacks our will and courage”

Evîndar Cihan, a fighter of the women's guerrilla force YJA-Star, talks about the situation in Heftanin and says that the guerrillas are determined and well prepared for the fight. The enemy cannot succeed, she certainly emphasizes.

Since June 16, the Turkish army has been trying to take the region of Heftanin in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The guerrillas have prepared well for the invasion and are mounting fierce resistance with new tactics. YJA-Star guerrilla Evîndar Cihan epoke to ANF about the situation in Heftanin. She describes how she is deeply impressed by the extreme nature and beauty of the region and says that the guerrillas are fighting the Turkish invasion with great determination and passion.

Evîndar Cihan has herself taken part in fightings in the areas of Şeşdare and Şehîd Cûdî. "First of all, let me give Heval Zeryan as an example," she says and continues: "Zeryan confronted the enemy and said, 'You will enter this ground over my dead body. Several friends sacrificed themselves there with the same goal as Zeryan in the determination never to let the enemy occupy this country. This determination is shown by all our friends in the offensive ‘Battle of Heftanin’. All of them are resisting the enemy with their skills and great willingness to make sacrifices. Everywhere there are preparations for war, the enemy cannot succeed here or anywhere else. We have no technology, but the enemy lacks our will and courage."

The female guerrilla points out that Heftanin is the basis for a revolution in Southern Kurdistan.