Yazidi Coordination: Defending Rojava is a matter of ethics and honour

The occupying Turkish state has been bombarding residential areas and vital service institutions in North and East Syria for days. On 25 December, 8 civilians were martyred in the attacks of the occupying state.

The Coordination of the European Yazidi Community released a statement condemning the attacks of the Turkish state and calling for action against war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Drawing attention to the Turkish state’s attacks on Rojava, which tramples on the ethics of war and human values, the statement emphasized that these attacks target the democratic future of the peoples, which envisages equal, free and peaceful living. The statement condemned the silence of the international powers against these attacks and said: "No justification and excuse are enough to make this silence understandable and acceptable. The aggression launched on Rojava by justifying the clashes with the Kurdish freedom guerrilla in Southern Kurdistan has revealed the impotence and helplessness of the expansionist and fascist Erdoğan government."

The Coordination of the European Yazidi Community stated that it is the duty of all forces acting in the name of humanity to defend the democratic autonomous region, which is the safest and most stable region in Syria and has established a democratic life.

"It is the duty of all of us to stand up against these attacks and to stand in solidarity with the Autonomous Administration, which is based on the will of the people, defeated a barbaric organisation like ISIS and replaced it with a women's libertarian-ecological, democratic social life. In this regard, we invite all democratic and progressive world public opinion, especially our people, and all relevant international forces bearing responsibility to mobilize and do what is necessary. Protecting and defending Rojava is a matter of ethics and honour, especially for the Yazidi community," the statement concluded.