When The Seedlings Grow available on Rojava Film Commune's YouTube Channel

The film When the Seedlings Grow is now available on the Rojava Film Commune YouTube Channel.

The multi-awarded film Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin (When the Seedlings Grow) by Rêger Azad can now be watched on the Rojava Film Commune's YouTube channel

The film won many awards, including the Best Fiction Feature award at the Montecine Montevideo World Film Festival in Uruguay, the Best International Feature Film Award in Colombia, the Best International Feature Film Actor at the 8th Vasteras and Nordic Film Festival in Sweden in the category of feature film.

The film, produced by the Rojava Film Commune, tells the story of a yogurt seller from Kobanê and his two children who run into Hemûd, a boy who is looking for his home.

The day they spend together ends up full of both adventure and misfortune, and showcases the changing dynamics in the region after the revolution, when Kurdish-led forces pushed the fundamentalist Islamic State (ISIS) out.

The director

Rêger Azad Kaya was born in the city of Ağrı in Northern Kurdistan in 1992. He studied at Akdeniz University, Department of Radio-Television and Cinema in Antalya.

He made traveling documentaries for various Kurdish TV channels. Then he moved to North East Syria and worked as a cinematographer and editor of short films. He acted in the film Ji Bo Azadiyê and shot a behind-the-camera documentary.

He worked as an actor and casting director in the film Kobanê. Then he shot his own feature film, Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin, in a collective manner.