Two more civilians kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin

In the occupied Afrin, where the Turkish state established a full terror regime, two more people were kidnapped in Jindires district. Their fate is unknown.

According to the information received from local sources, the ‘military police’, the paramilitary criminal apparatus established by the Turkish state in the occupied area, kidnapped Hisên Osman (38) and Mihemed Eli Bekir (43) in Jindires district.

The abducted citizens are from Yelanqûz village. Where they were taken and where they are currently held is unknown.

The Turkish state has established a complete terror regime in the regions it occupied, especially in Afrin. Kidnapping, torture, execution, extortion and plunder have become daily crimes.

According to the Crime Documentation Centre, at least 28 people were kidnapped in April. According to the same source, at least 435 people were abducted in Afrin in 2023. Among them are children and 180 patients.