Turkish state sets some 100,000 acres of cultivated lands on fire

Agriculture is the main livelihood and economic resource of the north and east Syria region and it is under threat as the invading Turkish state keeps burning down the land.

The Turkish state and its mercenary allies are looting the areas they have occupied and are systematically attacking other regions.

According to what farmers have told ANHA news agency, some 100 thousand acres of wheat and barley and 360 acres of olive groves have been turned into ashes so far.

Most of the fires occurred in settlements that bordered the areas occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenary allies.

The balance sheet of the fires in the regions of Jazira and Euphrates and Shehba is as follows:

13 thousand acres of land burned in the villages of Til Temir villages and 17 thousand acres of land in the villages of Zirgan.

In the Euphrates region, 35 olive trees and 21,560 acres of crops were set on fire.

540 acres of wheat and barley and 360 acres of fruit and olive groves were turned into ashes by fires intentionally caused by mercenaries in Manbij and its villages.

600 acres of wheat and barley and 3,500 olive trees were burned in Shehba.

4 thousand acres of crops were burned in Til Berak and Til Hemîs in the province of Qamishlo.

27 thousand 70 decares of land in the villages of Hesekê were set on fire by mercenaries.

14 thousand 100 decares of land in Deir ez-Zor were affected by fires.

Selman Barûdo, co-chair of the North and East Syrian Agriculture and Economy Committee, said that 3 civilians died attempting to extinguish the fires and 2 others were injured.

The invading Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries aimed at destroying the economy of the Autonomous Administration by setting fire to hundreds of thousands of acres of cultivated agricultural land in Northern and Eastern Syria during the harvest season in 2019.

According to the Autonomous Management Agriculture and Economy Committee data, 435 thousand 500 acres of cultivated agricultural land were set on fire last year.