Turkish attacks on North-East Syria continue

The Turkish state continues its genocidal campaign against North-East Syria where it has already occupied territories in violation of international law.

The Turkish army has carried out yet another aggression in the north-east of Syria. The attacks, carried out by border troops, were directed against two villages in the self-governing city of Tirbespiyê (Al-Qahtaniyya). According to reports, no one was injured in the attacks, but there was an unknown amount of material damage.

The shelling initially targeted the Syriac village of Til Ebas. A checkpoint of Syrian government troops was targeted and three artillery shells hit the immediate vicinity.

The Yazidi village of Til Xatûn also came under fire on Thursday.

Another attack was directed against the village of Til Zîwan, 13 km from Qamishlo city.

Turkey is bombing the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria on an almost daily basis. The attacks, both from the ground and from the air, are carried out with the de facto approval of the international community. On Tuesday, two civilians were injured in drone attacks by the Turkish state in Manbij. One of the victims was a minor.