Turkish army continues its attacks against autonomous areas of Northern and Eastern Syria

The Turkish army continues its attacks against the autonomous areas of Northern and Eastern Syria. Four civilians were injured by artillery shelling of a village in Til Temir. Drones and fighter jets fly over the canton of Kobanê.

Four civilians were injured by artillery fire from the Turkish army and allied terrorist groups in Northern and Eastern Syria. The target of the attack on Monday evening was the village of Tall al-Lubn near Til Temir, according to military sources. Those affected were taken to the Şehîd Lêgerîn Hospital, but information on the severity of the injuries was not initially available.

Tall al-Lubn is about 17 kilometers west of Til Temir on the edge of the M4. Due to its proximity to the strategic highway, the village is frequently bombed by Turkish Jihadist occupying forces. The international transport route is considered the lifeline of northern Syria, because it connects the Euphrates and Cizîrê regions with each other. On Saturday, the public power supply failed in many places in Til Temir, because of the targeted attacks on a distribution station in the village of Umm Kahf.

Attacks on Kobanê, Zirgan and Ain Issa

On Monday evening, bombardments were also recorded in Kobanê, Zirgan and Ain Issa. In Ain Issa, artillery shells fell in the east of the city, in the municipality of Zirgan; the Xerbî district and the village of Bobî were hit by the shelling. In Kobanê, the villages of Til Şeîr and Mezra Abrûş, west of the city, were attacked. Earlier, Turkish soldiers from outposts in the border area had machine-gunned the village of Qeremox east of Kobanê. There have been no reports of casualties. Fighter jets and reconnaissance drones from the Turkish army have been circling over the canton since Monday evening.