‘The Turkish state should be sentenced in accordance with Roman law system’

Lawyer Mihemed El-Neimi defined the Turkish state’s reduction of Euphrates water flowing to North-East Syria as a crime against humanity and stated that the Turkish state should be sentenced in accordance with Roman law system.

The Turkish state, as part of special war policies against North and East Syria, continues to cut off the waters of the Euphrates River and Allouk Station. The water outage by the Turkish state is an explicit crime according to international law.

The invading Turkish state has been cutting off Euphrates water since January 27. According to the agreement signed by the Damascus government and the Turkish state in 1987, the Turkish state must release 500 cubic meters of water per second but releases only 200 cubic meters per second currently.

Despite serious threats resulting from the water outage, so far, the international community and international law organisations have remained silent in the face of the invading Turkish state’s vicious policies against humanity.

Lawyer Mihemed El-Neimi spoke to ANHA and said, “The invading Turkish state continues to commit crimes against the people of North and East Syria. These practices are contrary to the decisions of the UN, which were signed in 1945.”

Defining the outage of the water in northern and eastern regions of Syria as a crime against humanity, El-Neimi stated that the Turkish state should be sentenced in accordance with Roman law signed in 1998.

“The international community should urgently intervene in the Turkish state’s crimes” said Mihemed El-Neimi and called the Turkish state responsible for all crimes against the people in the region. He remarked that reduction of Euphrates water is no different than the crimes of murder, rape, kidnapping, organ trafficking, devastation of agricultural fields or deployment of mercenaries into the region.

Expressing that the Turkish state’s practices are contrary to international law, Mihemed El-Neimi pointed out that Turkey violates the decisions of the agreement signed by the UN in Geneva in 1947. 

Lawyer Mihemed El-Neimi called on the international community, the International Criminal Court, the International Justice Council in The Hague and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to investigate the crimes of the Turkish state.