TEV-ÇAND and NÇÊ call on people to defend Shengal

The Kurdish cultural movement TEV-ÇAND and Êzîdxan Cultural Center (NÇÊ) called on people to protest the pressures of the KDP and Baghdad against Shengal.

In a joint statement, TEV-ÇAND and NÇÊ paid tribute to Yazidi artist Hozan Dilgeş who passed away in Germany and said: "Hozan Dilgeş joined the revolution struggle at a young age. He combined the ancient Kurdishness of Êzîdxan and Mardin's deep-rooted patriotism in his own person."

The statement added: "We respectfully remember Hozan Dilgeş and promise to keep the values ​​he supported and promoted alive in a free and democratic Kurdistan, under the rule of Êzîdxan. We reiterate our will to protect the freedom of Êzîdxan."

Reminding the agreement signed between the KDP and Baghdad against Shengal on 9 October, TEV-ÇAND and NÇÊ added that as a consequence of this agreement that there was an intervention against Shengal on 1 December 2020.

The statement added: “The KDP is preparing the ground for the Turkish state to act against Shengal. The agreement signed with Baghdad has no other reason. As for the central government, Baghdad clearly acted to favour the interests of the Turkish state and the KDP.”

TEV-ÇAND and NÇÊ said that "the intervention against the will of Êzîdxan is clearly to be condemned as it is an attack towards the demands of autonomy and self-defense."

The statement also called on all Kurds, especially the Yazidis, not to remain silent about the attacks of the Baghdad government, KDP and Ankara against Shengal.