SDF: Ongoing attacks target Heseke and Ain Issa

Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continues since October 9.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the balance sheet for the past 24 hours in the Resistance of Honor against Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Accordingly, the Turkish army and mercenaries continue their attacks on the region.

The statement by SDF Press Office said the following:


The Turkish invasion army and mercenaries attacked the positions of our forces and civilian settlements in the vicinity of he Erbain village.


Mercenary groups continued their activities on M4 international highway and attacked the rural areas of Tirwaziyê and Ûm Beramij with heavy weapons.

Turkish army bombarded the villages of Xirbit Faris, Kefîfa and Leqleqo with mortars and grad rockets.

On the other hand, activities of Turkish UAVs over the whole region continued.

SDF added that one of their fighters was wounded in the Turkish army’s attacks with heavy weapons.