Salih Gedo: The freedom of Abdullah Öcalan must be the main agenda

Receiving members of the Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, Salih Gedo, Secretary General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Left Party, stated that the physical freedom of Öcalan should be the main agenda of everyone.

Members of the Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan visited the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Left Party. The delegation was welcomed by Salih Gedo, the Secretary General of the party.

The Spokesperson of the Initiative, Ferzende Munzur, drew attention to the violations in İmralı Island Prison where Öcalan is held and the activities carried out within the scope of the international conspiracy against him. He said, "The cause of Leader Abdullah Öcalan is the cause of freedom and Kurdistan. It has a global and political dimension."

Salih Gedo, who has met Leader Abdullah Öcalan many times, stated that the cause of Öcalan is not the cause of a party or a person and said, "This is a cause of humanity. The issue of Leader Abdullah Öcalan's freedom should be the main agenda of political parties and the Kurdish people. As a party, we are ready to strengthen our struggle on this issue. I personally had a special relationship with Leader Abdullah Öcalan. I saw him in 1981 and 1998. The last time I saw him was in Rome in July 1998, before he left Syria. We will use all our relations to ensure that the campaign for the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan reaches the whole world. This is an international matter. We need to be at the forefront in this regard."

The visits of the initiative members will continue tomorrow.