Missile attack targets school in Dardara near Til Temir

Missiles fired by the Turkish army hit Dardara again, the target of the attack was the village school. It is the fourth educational institution in the Til Temir area that has been destroyed by the occupation forces in recent months.

The village of Dardara near Til Temir in northeastern Syria remains a focus of the Turkish army. Artillery strikes target the densely populated village in the Khabur Valley almost daily, including yesterday. The shelling has devastated the village school, and one of a total of three missiles fired has penetrated the roof. Shrapnel tore holes in the walls of the building.

No one was injured in Saturday night's attack, as no one was inside the school at the time. Classes for the village's children are no longer possible in the building for the time being. The school in Dardara is now the fourth educational institution to be destroyed by the Turkish army and affiliated jihadist militias in the past three months.


The village of Dardara, also known as Dirdara, is located about four kilometers north of Til Temir on the edge of the only highway to Zirgan (Abu Rasen). It is a good 20 kilometers from Dardara to the town east of the already occupied Serêkaniyê, which is also currently under heavy attack by Turkey.

Video released by ANHA shows the extent of destruction in Dardara.