Memorial for Armenian TIKKO commander Nubar Ozanyan in Qamishlo

The Armenian TIKKO commander Nubar Ozanyan fell five years ago fighting against ISIS in Raqqa. He was remembered in Qamishlo.

Nubar Ozanyan (nom de guerre: Orhan Bakırcıyan) was commemorated in Qamişlo. The commander of the Turkish communist organization TKP/ML-TIKKO fell on 14 August 2017 in Raqqa fighting against the Islamic State.

On 24 April 2019, the battalion "Şehîd Nubar Ozanyan", named after him, was founded in Hesekê.

The TKM/ML commemoration event began with a military tribute from the fighters of the Armenian battalion. Commander Antranik Melkonyan gave a speech emphasizing the importance of commemorating the revolutionary fallen. "The memory of the struggle of the fallen strengthens our principles and values ​​and shows us the path on which the peoples will liberate themselves. Our commander, Nubar Ozanyan, devoted his entire life to the revolutionary struggle. We stand behind this fight with conviction and determination. We want to reiterate that on the anniversary of the day he became immortal five years ago. We keep him alive by defending the Rojava revolution."

After the military ceremony, an event was held. In a speech by TKP/ML, Nubar Ozanyan was described as representing the survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide who rose up against the fascist Turkish state. "Comrade Nubar also represented the military experience of our party. His revolutionary life, which stretched from Palestine to Hayastan and South Kurdistan to Rojava, represents our combat experience. With this experience, we will continue the fight. We will protect the Rojava revolution and support the self-defense of the Armenian people."