Martyrs' families enter 47th day of action at Semalka border

Today marks the 47th day of the action launched by the families of the martyrs in Semalka. The families call the KDP to deliver the bodies of the guerrillas fallen as a result of a KDP ambush.

The tent action launched by the Cizre Region Martyrs' Families Council at the Semalka Border Gate continues. The families are demanding that the bodies of the guerrillas who fell as martyrs as a result of the ambush set up by the KDP in the Xelîfan region, be delivered to their families.

In a statement, the People's Defense Forces (HPG) had announced that 5 guerrillas from a 7-person guerrilla group fell as martyrs, one injured guerrilla was taken prisoner and another guerrilla escaped the ambush set up by the KDP in Xelifan on 28 and 29 August.

The KDP has not yet responded to the mothers who have been protesting at Semalka for 47 days.

The residents of Hesekê Canton, who took over the tent watch in Semalka on Friday, issued a new call to the KDP.

'Martyrs’ mothers need answers'

Hesekê Canton PYD Youth Assembly executive, Delal Biro, said that the tent action will continue until they receive the bodies of the martyrs, and added: "We are calling on Mesut Barzani to deliver the bodies of the martyrs to their families."

Delal Biro said that they are determined to continue the protest and added that "all organisations in Northern and Eastern Syria will continue to protest until the bodies are delivered and the demands of the mothers of martyrs and Peace Mothers are met."

'Is it the Turkish state that doesn’t allow the bodies to be delivered to their families?'

Telal El-Cewher, member of the El-Sefiyê Council of the Hesekê Canton, pointed out that all organisations and groups in the region participated in the action and stated that the KDP did not respond to the demands of the protesters.

El-Cewher asked: "What is the purpose of the KDP? Why does it not hand over the bodies to their families? Or is it the Turkish state that does not allow this?"