Kongra Star executive Hesûn: Turkish use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan is against all laws

Kongra Star executive Mecide Hesûn said that Turkish use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan is against both ethics and the law.

The Turkish state continues its attacks on Medya Defense Areas. The Turkish state, unable to make any progress against the guerrillas, began using chemical weapons in the attempt to get results. According to the HPG statement, the Turkish state used chemical weapons against the guerrillas 323 times.

Mecîde Hesûn, one of the executives of Kongra Star Fırat Coordination, spoke to ANHA about the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish state. She said that the Turkish state has increased its attacks on the regions of Zap, Avaşin, Metina and Garê since April 23, and added: “The Turkish state's attacks are not limited to the mountains of Kurdistan. Attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria continue every day. Their aim is to bring the Ottoman times back to Syria. They commit all kinds of crimes to bring their plans to life.”

Chemical weapons have been used numerous times against the guerrilla, although their use is prohibited internationally. No state that defends the protection of human rights has said anything about this unlawfulness.

Hesûn said that the guerrillas inflicted heavy losses on the Turkish state with their resistance. “The KDP betrayed the Kurdish people in partnership with the Turkish state. I condemn this betrayal. The KDP, which is supposed to side with the Kurdish people, its people, is instead partnering with the Kurdish people's enemies. It is bargaining with the interests of the Kurdish people.”

The Turkish state should be prosecuted for using chemical weapons, said Mecide Hesûn demanding the international community to take responsibility and put pressure to end chemical attacks.