HPG releases identity of 2 guerrillas martyred in Heftanin

The HPG disclosed the identity of the two guerrillas who fell martyrs in Heftanin. "We promise that we will honour the legacy of struggle handed down to us by our martyrs."

The HPG Press Office statement said: "On 6 August, Kendal and our comrades Devrim fell martyrs as a result of the air attack carried out by the invading Turkish army against the Heftanin region of the Medya Defense Zones.”

The identity information of the fallen guerrillas are as follows:

      Code Name: Kendal Welat Dersim

      Name Surname: Xemgin Öztürk

      Place of Birth: Mardin

      Mother's - Father's Name: Erebe - Lokman

      Date and Place of Martyrdom: 6 August 2020 / Heftanin


      Code Name: Devrim Seyfettin

      Name Surname: Sıdıka Narin

      Place of Birth: Amed

      Mother's-Father's Name: Saliha - Übeyt

      Date and Place of Martyrdom: 6 August 2020 / Heftanin


Our comrade Kendal was born in Mardin and grew up in a patriotic family that served the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle. When he was small he saw the village evacuation policies imposed by the enemy on our people and the attacks to erase its history and land. The longing for the Kurdistan lands of our comrade, who migrated to Istanbul with his family, made him want to join the guerrilla more than ever.”

The statement added: “Our comrade Devrim, on the other hand, was born in Amed, and grew up in an environment of patriotic and valuable martyrs in the struggle for freedom who also paid a great price for this cause. Our comrade Devrim, realized that there is no free life without a tough resistance against the oppression and massacres carried out by the occupying Turkish state. He  understood that ending the occupation and getting a free future can only be achieved through guerrilla struggle and joined the guerrilla ranks.”