Education and health services stopped in Shehba due to the Syrian embargo

Due to the embargo imposed by the Damascus government on the Shehba Canton, health and education services have stopped.

The Damascus government has tightened its blockade of the Shehba Canton. Basic life supplies, medicine and fuel are not allowed to be brought to the region. Citizens living in the region are having a hard time due to the blockade.

Due to the fuel problem in Shehba, Afrin and Shehba Cantons Education and Training Institutions suspended education. Due to the blockade of the Damascus administration against Shehba, 14,500 students were deprived of education.

The Education Department announced a suspension of education in the canton and at the Martyr Viyan Amara Academy (college) on 25 November. 14,500 students from 68 schools and one academy were deprived of their right to education.

The Damascus government's blockade, as well as the Turkish state's invasion attacks, are also affecting education in the region. The Education and Training Department is looking for alternatives to enable students’ access to education.

According to a statement by the Health Department of Afrin and Shehba Canton, Avrin Hospital is forced to work in extraordinary circumstances. Due to the lack of fuel, many departments in the hospital are not working. The hospital has no electricity, except for the emergency and intensive care units. The problems have been going on for a week.

According to the statement by the Afrin and Shehba Canton Health Department, the hospital's vehicles have been stopped and medicine cannot be supplied. Patients are desperate and forced to buy medicines from outside at exorbitant prices.