Delegation of German doctors visits North and East Syria

A delegation of German doctors visited North and East Syria to follow up the health work carried out by the Autonomous Administration Executive Council.

A delegation consisting of German doctors Dr. Birgit Qoch and Dr. Zimon Becker visited the Autonomous Administration Executive Council. Emine Gozan, President of the Kurdistan Peace and Hope Association in Germany, accompanied the delegation during the visit.

The delegation met with co-chairs of the Autonomous Administration Executive Council Berivan Xalid and Hamid El Mihbaş as well as co-chair Hesen Koçer, Health Committee Representatives Dr. Ciwan Fadil and İlham Hec Mihemed.

At the meeting, the latest situation of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Northern and Eastern Syria was discussed.

Speaking to ANHA after the meeting, Dr. Zimon Becker said: “We are here to provide basic health needs in the region. We are here to closely monitor and evaluate the current situation. Meeting the health needs is the basic human duty of all of us. Many German and American doctors want to meet the needs of the people of the region. However, it is necessary to determine what these needs are. We visited many hospitals during our visit. We exchanged information with health staff. We have seen that technical equipment is missing in many hospitals. We took note of all of this.”