Autonomous Administration: The people will respond with great resistance to any Turkish attack

The deputy co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Executive Council Hesen Koçer evaluated the threats of the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria and said that a possible attack would meet with great resistance.

Hesen Koçer, deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, evaluated the Turkish state's threats of attack against the region. Koçer said that the Turkish state is once again trying to gain the favours of the US and Russia. He added that the Turkish state is threatening to attack Northern and Eastern Syria to get out of its own internal economic and political crisis and said: “Whoever calls the Kurdish people's struggle terrorism, they are the real terrorist. In fact it is Idlib, where the Turkish state is located, that has become the center of terrorism."

Koçer continued: “We are fighting a war of existence against the Turkish state. This is the name of the war fought in Rojava and Bashur Kurdistan. Erdogan calls the entire Kurdish people terrorists. The international community unfortunately keeps turning a bling eye on what’s going on. If the revolution for freedom is terrorism, then all the revolutions in Europe are revolutions of terror. Here we are fighting to ensure that terrorism does not threaten the world again. How can a revolutionary struggle be called terrorism? They use the word terror to realize their own interests.”

Noting that the Autonomous Administration is a system that tries to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, Koçer said: "A new attack on Northern and Eastern Syria will only deepen the Syrian crisis."

The Turkish state has become a major threat to the Middle East, said Koçer adding: “All radical groups, especially ISIS, are trained by the Turkish state. The peoples of Turkey are being sacrificed to these dirty plans.”

Koçer said: “A possible attack by the Turkish state will meet with great resistance from the people. The people and the Autonomous Administration took important steps together. Today, the Turkish state threatens the most democratic experience in Syria. Our people are preparing to liberate the lands occupied by the Turkish state.”