“Autonomous Administration is the only project to resolve the Syrian crisis”

Manbij Intellectuals Union co-chair said that the regions in the Autonomous Administration are the safest regions of the Syrian territory despite all the attacks and that the Autonomous Administration is the only project that will resolve Syrian crisis.

The Autonomous Administration project in North and East Syria is an administrative model that includes Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, Syriacs, Armenians and Turkmens living in the region.

The Autonomous Administration project not only protects Syria's territorial integrity, but also promotes a democratic model throughout the region.

The successful government of different peoples and societies in the North and East Syrian regions under the Autonomous Administration brought along calls for to the international community to officially recognize it.

Manbij Intellectuals Union co-chair Ehmed El Yûsif spoke to ANHA about the issue and said the following:

“The Autonomous Administration has always sought peaceful ways to resolve the Syrian crisis and stop the bloodshed. It also called for a dialogue with all parties in Syria. In this regard, we urge the international community to take the calls seriously and officially recognize the autonomous administration.”

“10 years have passed since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and various parties have taken control of different parts of Syria. Everyone knows that the people in the regions under the control of the Syrian regime and Turkish-backed gangs live in pain and difficulty. Unlike the regions under the control of the Autonomous Administration, there is no stability in those regions. The international community should formally recognize the autonomous administration that meets the basic demands of the Syrian people. The Autonomous Administration is the only project that will end the Syrian crisis,” El Yûsif noted.

"An official recognition of the Autonomous Administration will create positive effects on the regions under its rule," he added.

El Yûsif called on intellectuals, politicians, activists and the international community to officially recognize the Autonomous Administration in order for the people of the region to live in justice, stability and security.