Autonomous Administration hands over 5 ISIS family members to Norway

The Autonomous Administration handed over 5 ISIS family members, 2 women and 3 children, to Norway.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Department said in a statement that a Norwegian delegation headed by Eric Hussam, from the Norwegian Embassy in Baghdad, visited the Northern and Eastern Syria region.

The Norwegian delegation was received by Robel Beho, deputy co-chair of the Foreign Relations department, Xalid Îbrahim, member of the Executive Committee of the Foreign Relations Department, and a YPJ representative.

At the meeting, the political, humanitarian, security and economic situation of the region was evaluated and the diplomats stated that the Syrian crisis should be resolved according to UN Resolution 2254.

Robel Beho said: “The Autonomous Administration regards the national dialogues in Syria as the basis for peace and a just political solution. We see the resolution of the conflict and the preservation of Syria's unity in ending the Turkish occupation."

Beho called on the international community to stop war crimes and demographic change in the Turkey-occupied territories.

Thanking the Autonomous Administration, Eric Hussam said: "Norway is closely monitoring the humanitarian and political situation in the region," and added that his country will “continue to give humanitarian aid to Syria, and especially to Northern and Eastern Syria.”

At the end of the meeting, the Autonomous Administration handed over 5 ISIS family members, 2 women and 3 children, to the Norwegian state officials.