Ain Issa: "We have always been united and will remain so"

As the fighters keep resisting in Ain Issa, which is under the attack of Turkey and gangs, the people carry out a protest in front of a base of Russian troops, which have remained silent on the invasion attempt.

Since November, the attacks of the invading Turkish army and gangs of Ain Issa have been going on. These attacks have intensified since the beginning of December. Heavy bombardments on the Seyda and Malikiye villages was followed by artillery attacks on the city centre.

Since December 18, there have been intense attacks on the villages of Misefra and Cebel.  YPJ, YPG and SDF forces responded to these attacks in an act of self-defence. In these attacks, 19 members of the invading Turkish army and allied gangs were killed and 9 others injured.

While these attacks resulted in the death and injury of civilians, settlements were also seriously damaged. Against the silence of the Russian and Regime forces, the dirty alliances and the intensifying attacks, the Revolutionary Youth launched an action in a tent set up near a Russian military point. The action was taken over by activists from the women’s umbrella organization Kongreya Star.

When the action started on December 19, the invaders attacked near the Russian points with heavy weapons and fired sound bullets. Despite the attacks, the people displayed heroic resistance chanting slogans one after another.

On December 21, the invading Turkish army and gangs attacked the village of Misefra with heavy weapons at night. Each day a gang group makes a statement on their media outlets. And they circulate a footage which dates back to 4 years ago claiming "it is from Ain Issa".

The invaders boast about their fake news. They are doing this to wage a psychological warfare against the population, kidnap local people and plunder their homes. The people see the whole truth and express that they will fight against it and they will not leave their land.

Today people from Kobanê and Raqqa have joined the tent protest to defy the lies and attacks of the gangs. The groups, especially women and young girls, who took over the action, displayed their attitude with great enthusiasm and excitement. They also performed a traditional folk dance for freedom.