Afrin Liberation Forces hit high number of mercenaries in Afrin and Azaz

A large number of mercenaries were killed and their vehicles destroyed as a result of the action carried out by the HRE (Afrin Liberation Forces) against invaders in Afrin and Azaz between 1 and 4 March.

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) disclosed the results of the actions taken against the mercenaries who are occupying the region.

The HRE detailed the actions it carried out in in Afrin and Azaz in a written statement:

“Our forces carried out effective actions against the invaders between 1 and 4 March. Within the scope of these actions;

On 1 March, a vehicle belonging to the head of the mercenary group was destroyed in Azaz.

An action was carried out in the center of Afrin on 2 March. One mercenary was killed and three were injured. On the same day, an action was carried out against the occupying army's positions in Shêrewa district. An armoured vehicle was destroyed. The number of dead and wounded mercenaries could not be established.

On 3 March, a sabotage action was carried out at a checkpoint set up by mercenaries on the Jindirêsê road. 3 mercenaries were killed and 4 injured.

On 4 March, a special action was carried out against the invaders in the village of Meryemin, in the district of Shera. As a result, one soldier was killed and 2 wounded. At the same time, a pickup type vehicle was destroyed and another vehicle was hit."