Afrin Canton Council co-chair protests silence of international public opinion

Afrin Canton Council co-chair, Mihemed Neso, protested the silence of international public opinion on the crimes committed in the regions occupied by the Turkish state.

The invading Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to change the demographic structure in Afrin. International forces do not stop the Turkish state, which commits dozens of crimes every day.

Pointing out that the areas occupied by the Turkish state have been Turkified, Afrin Canton Council co-chair Mihemed Neso added that the Turkish state commits dozens of crimes every day in Afrin, Neso said that crimes continue because international forces remain silent and added that Afrin's nature was also plundered. He reminded that hundreds of thousands of olive trees were cut down.

Neso noted that the people of Afrin continue to be forcibly displaced and that civilians who remained in the region are kidnapped and murdered every day. Neso reminded that recently, the village of Mamile in Raco was raided and 10 civilians were kidnapped.

Mihemed Neso, who said that the international community should take action to stop the crimes committed by the Turkish state, emphasized that the silence caused the crimes to continue.

Pointing out that dozens of colonial houses were built in Afrin, Mihemed Neso said that mercenary families were settled in these houses. Emphasizing that Afrin's history is also being destroyed, Mihemed Neso said that excavations were carried out in historical place.

Evaluating the compulsory use of Turkish in Afrin, Neso noted that the Turkish state is trying to make Afrin a Turkish territory and added that the use of the Turkish lira in the region is another proof of this. Neso called on the international public opinion and demanded that the Turkish state's lawlessness be put to an end.