“Ocalan’s ideas liberate the peoples in the Middle East"

Arab citizens from Afrin and Shehba denounced the February 15 international conspiracy and said, the recent wave of resistance led by the co-chair of DTK, Leyla Guven will pave the way for Ocalan’s freedom.

Many demonstrations are taking place around the world to condemn the international conspiracy that led to the capture of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan 20 years ago.

Arab citizens from Afrin and Shehba condemned the conspiracy and stated that the resistance will defeat the isolation of Ocalan at Imrali prison.

Welei Hassan, an Arab resident from Afrin denounced the international conspiracy and said: “February 15 is a dark day, not only for the Kurdish people but also for all those who are living on the philosophy of leader Ocalan.”

Hassan stated that no one has been able to liberate the Middle Eastern peoples, yet through Ocalan’s views the people in the region are now freed.

Referring to the Turkish state’s crimes against the Syrian people, Hassan said: “We will not forget the atrocity that the Ottoman army of Turkey has perpetrated against us.”

Hassan stressed that Ocalan’s opinions inspire them to resist while displaced in Shehba region, “We are ready for any process, we will liberate Afrin and free our leader,” he added.

‘Ocalan possesses independent ideas’

Israi Ibrahim, an Arab woman from the Shehba region said: “The conspiratorial forces, in a dirty plot, tried to end the impact of Ocalan’s ideology which was an obstacle to the crimes of the superpowers.”

Ibrahim compared the protest actions right after the conspiracy and now, and said: “Many strong actions were carried out then, some people fell martyr. Now a hunger strike campaign is taking place in Kurdistan and abroad; the hunger strikers demand Ocalan’s freedom. We salute the activists on hunger strike. Ocalan’s brother was able to visit him briefly, yet that was not enough, the isolation is still in place. Ocalan might be imprisoned, but his ideas are free.”

‘February 15 is a dark day for the whole world’

Ali Feyêz El-Elemîn a resident in Shehba region stressed that February 15 was a dark day for the whole world, and said: “The fundamental purpose of the conspiracy was to prevent the spread of Ocalan’s ideas in the world. Not only for the Kurds, February 15 is also a dark today for the whole world.”

El-Elemîn pointed out to the hunger strike campaign initiated to demand the removal of Ocalan’s isolation, and said: “The resistance will prevail.”

Sibah El-Hasêr, a resident in Ehrez village mentioned the hunger strike actions led by Leyla Guven and said: “We will follow your resistance.”

Nebîhe Şêxo from Shehba region stated that they were constantly involved in actions in order to break the isolation and defeat the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people’s leader.

Fatmê Hesen, another local woman, condemned the conspiracy and said: “The authoritarian states abducted our leader in a plot as they were afraid of Ocalan’s philosophy which was circulating among people in the society.”