Zapatista delegates meet representatives of Kurdish movement in Hamburg

Delegates of the Zapatista “Journey for Life” met with representatives of the Kurdish movement in Hamburg. Today they will meet the feminist council.

On their Gira Por La Vida (Journey for Life), a group of Zapatistas got together in the Kurdish social center in Hamburg with the representatives of the Kurdish movement and the Democratic Confederalism Initiative (IDK).

Today in Hamburg there will be another meeting of the Zapatista women with the feminist council, in which the Kurdish women's movement and “Fight Together” are also involved. An all-gender meeting has also been announced.

On Friday, for more than four hours, the activists from the Kurdish association, the Women's Council Rojbîn and the initiatives “Fight Together” and “Tatort Kurdistan” exchanged views with the Zapatista delegation, which is part of a large group of Europe seeking to talk to grassroots movements. A long-time activist of the Kurdish movement described the struggles of women in Kurdistan against patriarchy and Turkish fascism. She went into the strategies of women's organization and the model of democratic confederalism. In addition, the current situation in the war zones in Kurdistan as well as the development of grassroots democratic structures and justice institutions were also discussed.

During a joint meal afterwards, the atmosphere in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel became even more cordial and warmer. Then the Zapatistas described the history of the oppression by colonialism in their homeland, but also their history of the resistance. It became clear how many values, principles and goals both movements share.