YRK: Iranian military operation continues

According to the YRK, the Iranian army is continuing its military operation in Kosalan, which started earlier this week.

The Defense Units of Eastern Kurdistan (YRK) Command released a statement providing information about ongoing Iranian military action against their forces.

According to the statement released on Friday, the operation launched by the Iranian regime forces at 05:30 on June 12 in the region of Kosalan is continuing.

YRK stated that Kosalan has been declared a restricted military area and civilians are not allowed to enter. Hundreds of soldiers and armoured vehicles are involved in the operation. On 13 and 14 June, fighting took place between the Iranian army and the YRK.

YRK said that the area was repeatedly shelled with mortar shells. The Iranian army is reported to have suffered casualties in the fighting, while the YRK forces have not suffered any casualties, according to the statement.

The YRK and HPJ (Women's Defence Units of Eastern Kurdistan) are the guerrilla armies of the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) and are also repeatedly attacked by Turkey. On 4 June, a YRK fighter was killed in a Turkish drone attack in the Asos Mountains in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Air strikes by Turkey in violation of international law have been routine for years in the region, which lies about 200 kilometres from the Turkish state border.