YRD: Free press worker Vedat Erdemci martyred in Serêkaniyê

Free press worker Vedat Erdemci died in an air raid on Serêkaniyê on the third day of the Turkish invasion.

The Democratic Press Union of Northeast Syria (YRD) announced that free press worker Vedat Erdemci died in a Turkish air raid on the Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) city on 11 October. According to the Union, the 27-year-old journalist was active for a long time in various institutions of the free media and lost his life while documenting the Turkish state’s aggression against Northern Syria with his camera.

YRD said that a brother of Erdemci had died defending his people against the ISIS atrocity in Serêkaniyê in 2015. According to YRD, Vedat Erdemci recently worked on a documentary about the Yazidi children liberated from the captivity of the ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Baghouz.

After Saed Şêxmûs Ehmed, Mihemed Hesen Reşîd and Dılovan, Vedat Erdemci is the fourth journalist to die during the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria.