Women lit candles for 7000 hunger strikers in German cities

Protests in Europe continue to echo the demand of the hunger strike resistance: end isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. 

Women have lit candles in one of the latest actions demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan, and in support to the hunger strike and death fast resistance. 

In Germany women lit some 7000 candles to reclaim the hunger strike resistance. 

The action was promoted by the Kurdish Women's Movement in Germany.


7000 candles were burned in Essen to reclaim the hunger strike resistance and condemn the silence surrounding this action. Berivan Şengal Women's Assembly organized the solidarity action.


The Alevi Cultural Center DAKNE in Dortmund opened a banner saying ‘7000 thousand people on hunger strike, a signature to support them’


Deniz Fırat Women's Assembly, in Aachen joined the action and lit up 7000 thousand candles.

‘Please, lit up a candle’ was the banner inviting people to join the action and support the 7 thousand hunger strikers. 


7000 candles were lit in Düsseldorf, where the action was promoted by Düsseldorf Nalin Muş Women's Initiative in Heinrich-Heine-Platz.

After a minute of silence held in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan and the world revolution, candles were lit to protest the silence of the European countries and the international community.

Activists called on people to join the 1 May demonstration beginning at 10:30 at Düsseldorf DGB Haus.


In Stuttgart too 7000 candles were lit in support of the hunger strike resistance. 

Kurds and their friends lit the candles along Stuttgart Marstalleck / Königstraße.


In the city of Friedrichshafen the action was held in Wilhelmplatz: 7,000 candles in support of the hunger strike resistance were lit. 


Mainz too lit up 7 thousand candles in the action led by Mainz Women's Assembly, the Democratic Kurdish Community Center and the Rojava Solidarity Initiative.


In Hamburg the 7,000 candles action was organised by Rojbin Women’s Assembly.


7000 candles were burned in Munich in the action promoted by the Sara Women Commune.


Candles were lit in the city center of Berlin, demanding the end of isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

A crowd of people gathered at Potsdamer Platz square.

A black banner reminding the 7,000 prisoners on hunger strike was opened as well as a banner commending the 15 prisoners who had turned their hunger strike into death fast on 30 April.


In the city of Halle Kurds and their friends promoted the 7,000 candles action and called on people to be the voice of the hunger strikers.