Warning for village guards: You will pay the price

People’s Defense Central Command member Şerif Goyi warned the village guards who fight against the guerrilla alongside Turkish soldiers and said: “Whoever attacks the Kurdish guerrilla will pay the price.”

People’s Defense Central Command member Şerif Goyi stated that the Turkish state has a policy of making Kurds fight Kurds with the village guard system and warned the village guards to not use their weapons against the Kurdish guerillas. Şerif Goyi called on the village guards to lay down arms and stressed: “We haven’t been targeting the village guards for years. Whoever uses weapons against us should know that no attack on the guerrillas will be left without a response. Whoever attacks the Kurdish guerrilla will pay the price.”

Şerif Goyi spoke to the ANF and, mentioning the Turkish state’s classic policy of “making Kurds kill Kurds”, stated that this method of suppressing Kurdish insurgencies have been revived since 1985. Goyi said the PKK is aware of this fact and has been trying very hard to void that, and has stopped targeting village guards for a long time, and added that the state under Erdoğan’s rule has reactivated this policy.


“Wherever our forces move, they are faced with village guards instead of soldiers,” said Şerif Goyi and stated that this is a source of shame for all Kurds. Goyi continued: “This is selling your Kurdishness, your dignity and your humanity for money. The village guards should not go to face our friends. Let Erdoğan’s army, his soldiers face the guerilla. Why would Kurds shoot Kurds? Some, especially the head guards who call themselves ‘agha’s should give up the delusion that the PKK wil end and Erdoğan will reward them. If our movement falters, let alone ending, Erdoğan’s first target would be those ‘agha’s.”


Goyi issued a call for the village guards and the head guards and stated that they shouldn’t fall for the state’s tricks and they should quit the guard for their honor. Goyi called on the Jîrki tribe and Tahirê Qero in particular: “Did you forget about Ahmedê Qero? Who killed Ahmedê Qero? By whose hand was Ahmedê Qero killed in the Meydana Kolya plains? You are sending the soldiers the village guards to the same plains to build outposts. You hold Kato. Why do you do this? Do you want to avenge Ahmedê Qero? Then you ask us what we think. It is very clear that you harbor enmity towards us.


Before this last generation, anybody who called themselves aghas, sheikhs, melles, anybody who could put two words together in the name of Kurdishness was hanged and killed. So, what you do is undignified for Kurds. We said it before, we don’t want Kurds killing Kurds. It’s not just the Jîrkis or Tahirê Qero, he is just an example. I am calling on all village guards, especially  those around Botan, what you do is undignified, it’s enmity and it’s shameful. Those who act as enemies against us should know that you won’t get away with what you do. Whatever you want to call it, just don’t say you ‘made a mistake’ when facing the Kurdish people and history. You have to stop this village guard business. Today if the Kurds are unable to live freely with dignity and honor, that is due to collusion and allowing yourself to be used as pawns by the enemy. But, despite all their collusion, their fathers and grandfathers were also killed by the enemy. They know this, but still they surrender to the enemy.”


Goyi pointed out that the PKK has been against inter-Kurdish fighting since the beginning and said they fight for all Kurds, and that it is their right to expect all Kurds to be in this struggle. Goyi said the village guards should not forget that the Kurdish people will hold them to account and continued: “It’s better to lose the saddle than the horse. In the past, the struggle was just beginning. People didn’t know. We already take these into account. But today nobody can say they didn’t know. All in all, this struggle has been going on for 40 years. If somebody says they don’t understand it today, their mind has been surrendered to the enemy. It’s not like the past anymore. Now there is talk of an independent Kurdistan. Alright, that is for everybody, nobody is objecting that. There is no desperation. If you are not with the PKK, be with other Kurdish parties. Just turn and look around, look at your village, look at your situation. Do you believe Erdoğan can protect you? Erdoğan can’t even protect himself, how can he protect you? Erdoğan can’t protect you.”


Goyi pointed out that they as the PKK never targeted the village guards, they have a decision against that, but they can’t be silent against those who fight alongside the Turkish soldiers against the guerrilla on operations. Goyi continued:  “Come at us in front of the soldiers, martyr our comrades, and we don’t do anything - where in the world would it work like that? We have no patience left for this anymore. We have had it. The Turkish soldiers can’t come and settle in Kato or Herekol. The village guards fighting the guerrilla are involved in great treason. There is no greater crime in the world. They must give up at once. I am calling on the village guards once more. If they want to be guards, let them guard their homes, and get their paychecks. Our door is always open for those who regret becoming village guards. They can come to us, we will talk and discuss. We are against killing and against inter-Kurdish fighting. We are against treason.”


Goyi pointed out that the village guards should not believe the Turkish state’s promises of “PKK will be finished” and said PKK is a people’s movement, then added: “Today the Kurdish people is waging a war for freedom. Have you ever seen a whole people ended? That is why the PKK and its struggle will never ‘end’. Everybody must know that whatever happens, they are Kurds, and they will have to answer to the Kurdish people one day.

We want to solve the village guard issue not through violence but through dialogue. No good will come out of violence among Kurds. I repeat, we are against Kurds fighting Kurds. We want to solve this through dialogue and discussion. I hope our calls will be answered and believe they will.”