Twelve politicians sent to prison in Amed

Twelve politicians taken into custody three days ago in Amed were sent to prison for social media posts and secret witness statements.

Twelve people, including HDP executives and members, were taken into custody in Amed on 26 April, as a result of a new political police operation. The twelve, detained by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office with the allegation of "making propaganda for an illegal organization," were brought to the courthouse on Thursday.

The judge sent the twelve politicians to prison for social media posts and confidential witness statements.

The names of those arrested are as follows: HDP executives Ramazan Karakaya, Hamit Onur, Murat Öndeş, Sadık Tosun, HDP Kayapınar former provincial co-chair Kadri Akkaya, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Amed former Provincial co-chair Mehmet Bakır, Mesopotamia Language and Culture Research Association (MED-DER) co-chair Rıfat Roni, Yenişehir Municipal Council member Mehmet Zeki Bağcık, Bağlar Municipality Council member Nurettin Bakan, Kayapınar Municipality Council member Songül Dağ Kapancı.