Turkish government increases the war budget by 30 percent

The AKP-MHP coalition government of Turkey has increased the war budget by 30% to 181 billion TL.

The "2022 Central Government Budget Bill," [MYBK] signed by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, was handed over to the Assembly's Presidency. According to the 2022 MYBK, which was submitted to the Assembly on 15 October 2021 by the Strategy and Budget Presidency Regarding the 2022 Central Government Budget Law, the General Budget's share was determined to be 1 trillion 750 billion TL, and the budget revenue expectation was determined to be 1 trillion 472 billion TL. The expected net borrowing is 278 billion TL.

Within the scope of the budget, 1 trillion 728 billion 401 million 621 thousand TL was allocated to public administrations, 155 billion 249 million 695 thousand TL to special budgeted administrations, and 10 billion 238 million 553 thousand TL to regulatory and supervisory institutions.

In 2021, 1 trillion 223.5 billion liras were allocated to general budget administrations, 119.9 billion liras to special budgeted administrations, and 2.7 billion liras to regulatory and supervisory institutions.

A total of $4.5 billion was set aside for guarantee payments and external debt loans. While the 2021 Budget allocated 218 billion TL for interest expenditures, the 2022 Budget allocated 240 billion TL for interest expenditures. However, interest expenditure was projected to be 204 billion TL in the previous year's budget estimate for 2022, and 218 billion TL in 2023.


While the war budget for "Defense and Security" is approximately 181 billion TL in 2022, the budget for Agriculture and Livestock is 57 billion TL. In comparison to 2021, the budget for the war increased by 30%.

The 2022 Central Government Budget allotted a total of 122.6 billion TL, with 116.4 billion TL going to the Ministry of Health and its affiliates and 6.2 billion TL going to higher education institutions' health practice and research centers.