TAK claims responsibility for last night's bombing in Istanbul

In a written statement, TAK claimed responsibility for the bombing that targeted police forces in Istanbul last night.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (Teyrêbazên Azadiya Kurdistan;TAK) has claimed responsibility for the twin blasts that hit police forces in Istanbul city last night.

The statement by TAK said:

“The simultaneous action in Istanbul Vodafone Arena Stadium and Maçka was conducted by our Team Martyr Tirej at 22:30 on 10 December, 2015. Two comrades of ours bravely fell martyr as a result of this action which left some 100 police dead and hundreds of others wounded.” The statement noted that ID details of these TAK militants will be announced in the coming days.

TAK continued, stressing that: “The Turkish people are not a direct target of TAK. Our Team Martyr Tirej carried out this action with utmost attention.

However, no comfortable life should be expected in Turkey while the imprisonment of Leader Apo continues, the Turkish-AKP fascism tortures mothers, exposes the bodies of young girls and massacres children in Kurdistan on daily basis. The peoples of Turkey should say stop to this fascism because only the AKP fascism is responsible for this chaos.”

TAK ended the statement, vowing that they will be the winning side of this terrifying war.