Solidarity campaign for the children of Maxmur and Shengal to continue until Sunday

Within the scope of the solidarity campaign launched by the revolutionary youth of the YDG, Rebell and Rotfüchse's Ulm organizations for the children of Shengal and Maxmur, 63 full backpacks have been collected so far.

Revolutionary young people from the city of Ulm in Southern Germany and its surroundings, the New Democratic Youth (YDG), are supporting the campaign launched with the slogan "Let's increase solidarity with the children of Shengal and Maxmur!".

A large number of children and families attended the "International Santa Claus Fun" held at Tohum Cultural Center (TKM) the other day.

In the event, information was given on Şengal and Maxmur. YDG activist Ezgi and Rebell activist Franzi spoke about the campaign as well as their institutions and work.

Active support is given from Ulm to the solidarity campaign with children from Shengal and Maxmur organized by the Initiative für Frieden und Hoffnung in Kurdistan between 1 November and 5 December. The revolutionary youth who are involved in the Ulm organizations of the New Democratic Youth (YDG), Rebell and Rotfüchse are also actively working for the campaign.

Seed Culture Center and New Democratic Youth said in a statement:

"Our campaign 'A backpack or 20 euro support', was launched in solidarity with Kurdish children from Maxmur and Shengal living in camps threatened by both the coronavirus epidemic and cold winter conditions, and has collected 63 backpacks so far.”

The campaign will last until Sunday 5 December.