Sit-in protest in Mardin against the isolation of Öcalan

HDP Mardin Provincial Organisation held a sit-in protest against the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and drew attention to demands of hunger strike actions ongoing in prisons.

People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Mardin Provincial Organisation released a statement on the isolation imposed on the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and hunger strike resistance ongoing in prisons on the 196th day. The event in front of provincial organisation office was participated by the party members and citizens.

The HDP Provincial Co-chair Salih Kuday stressed their rejection of the isolation and said, “This isolation has been imposed on not only Leader Öcalan but also whole Kurdish people. The AKP-MHP bloc puts pressure on all political parties and institutions which demand peace, democracy, freedom and reject the isolation.”

Kuday called on the authorities to answer the demands of hunger strikers in prison. Afterwards, party members launched a sit-in protest against the isolation policy of the Turkish state.