SDF: Turkey aims at carrying out an ethnic genocide

The SDF General Command issued a statement on the massacre of civilians in Serêkaniyê and said that the Turkish state aims at carrying out a genocide of the people of the region in front of the world's eyes.

The statement issued by the SDF General Command said:  "In front of the world's eyes and in the presence of many international media, Turkey and its mercenary allies continue to carry out massacres against civilians in northern and eastern Syria and to implement a genocide policy  against the peoples of these regions."

The statement added: "As part of policy of ethnic cleansing the Turkish invasion army directly targeted a convoy of civilians heading to the city of Serekaniye early on Sunday (13 October 2019) causing dozens of civilian death and wounded."

The SDF underlined that the convoy was composed of many civilians and several journalists who were given protection with members of the Domestic Security Forces. "The convoy - said the statement - was directly and brutal targeted showing what Turkey's real intentions are."

The statement ended by stressing that "this massacre against our people in the north and eastern Syria is a horrendous crime committed by Turkey in front of the world's eyes and violates any international value and practice. Once again we call on all international forces to stop this massacre."