SDF announces balance sheet for the 4th phase of Raqqa campaign

11 ISIS members were killed and 30 SDF fighters lost their lives in the fourth phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates launched on April 13.

Commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) held a press conference regarding the latest situation in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, and announced the balance sheet of war for the fourth phase of the military campaign ongoing since April 13. The fourth phase was aimed to clear the remaining northern countryside and the valley of Jalab from the ISIS and to remove the last obstacles in front of SDF, to prepare for the liberation of the city of Al-Raqqa and the completion of the siege with encirclement of the ISIS gangs.

The press conference in the Western Kabash village north of Raqqa was attended by Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room Spokesperson Cihan Sheikh Ehmed and SDF Command Members Luqman Azad and Muhammed El-Ereb.

The statement, according to which 311 ISIS members were killed and 30 SDF fighters lost their lives, said the followings:

"Since the declaration of the fourth phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, our forces have liberated dozens of villages and hamlets, inflicted heavy blows on the enemy and made them suffer dozens of losses. In addition, the northern side of the al-Jalab Valley was cleared of gangs and our people in this region were rescued from the atrocity of terrorists and transferred to safe areas.

Crippled by the blows inflicted by our forces, dozens from the gangs failed to resist and fled from the region. The continued attacks of the gangs on liberated areas were repelled and thwarted by our forces. The gangs launched an intensified attack from several fronts on April 23, and this attack was also repelled by the harsh response of our fighters."

SDF Commanders saluted the martyrs that sacrificed their lives in this resistance, and the stance of the people that took sides with this resistance. They also extended their thanks to all the forces that fought bravely alongside SDF, and to the international coalition forces.

The statement continued, saying; "At the same time, thousands of civilians have migrated to Rojava lands due to the intensity of war. The number of migrants has reached 20 thousand during the recent weeks. In this regard, we call on the United Nations, humanitarian aid organizations and democratic forces to provide support for the migrants.

We state that our campaign will continue until the entire country is cleared of terrorists. We take our strength and morale from our martyrs and people. Our primary goal is to ensure the achievement of democratization and the establishment of an environment of trust and peace."

SDF provided the following figures as the balance sheet of war in northern Raqqa since April 13:

SDF forces have liberated the following villages and areas;

Kebish El-Xerbî, Kebish El-Şerqî, Um El-Tenek, Royan, Mezrea Tişrîn, Mişêrefa Bakurê , Mishêrfa Başûr, El-Rehyat, Bîr Cerbo, Cerwe, El-Hetaş, Mezrea El-Hikûme, Hezîme, as well as dozens of hamlets under these villages.

Mop-up operations continue in the following liberated villages;

-Xelwe Ebîd, Holo Ebid, Ebare, El-Kalte, Til El-Seded, Sikeriye villages and El-Elo and Zehre hamlets.

ISIS members killed: 311

ISIS corpses seized: 76

ISIS members captured alive: 8

30 SDF fighters fell putting up a brave fight and 37 others were slightly injured.

SDF fighters destroyed munitions and military equipment of the gangs, which include 1 ammunition depot, 2 bomb-laden vehicles, 9 motorbikes, 7 military vehicles, 3 DsHK-mounted vehicles, one bomb-laden vehicle plant.

SDF fighters also seized a large quantity of ammunition from the gangs, which include; 22 Kalashnikov rifles, 4 BKC machine guns, 5 B7 rocket launchers, one 12.5 mm DShK, 2 motorbikes, one Hammer and one pick-up vehicle, 11 hand grenades, one Katyusha rocket launcher, one camera and one PC.