Sancar: The HDP is the place of a common struggle

HDP co-chair Mithat Sancar is on a two-day visit to Hatay province. At the launch event on Saturday, Sancar said: "No one can defeat a people who protect their land, water, air, work and dignity."

The co-chairman of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Mithat Sancar, is on a two-day visit to Hatay to meet with public representatives, traders and NGOs. As a prelude, a public meeting was held in Erzin district on Friday under the slogan "The solution is within us, no to war and exploitation". Sancar was greeted by a crowd at the entrance of the town, including HDP MPs Fatma Kurtulan and Tulay Hatimoğulları. Sancar then drove through the district in a convoy of vehicles. The ride ended in front of the local HDP building.

Sancar welcomed those present with a poem by Ahmet Arif and said: "When Ahmet Arif described the Çukurova, he said: 'The stone of patience breaks in the heat, but not the heart of the worker'. In this heat, the stone of patience breaks, but not the heart of the people who are fighting for their rights, their dignity and their freedom. That is what you are showing everyone here, together, everywhere. Let me quote Ahmet Arif's poem with a slight variation: The road is long, the conditions are hard, but it is a passion to live like this, to walk with the people for the people, despite all fears, away from all fears. This is love. The HDP is the name of this passion that is created by you."

In his speech, Sancar addressed the massive repression against his party and said: "However, there are people who fight against it stubbornly, persistently and faithfully. This is often forgotten. We have reached the horizon with struggle and resistance. We will never be alone again. We will grow even more, we will go even further. We will find the solution to every problem in this country. When we say 'we', of course, we mean our party HDP. But above all, we know that the success against this tyrannical power and this predatory order depends on a common struggle. The common march of the peoples and the gradual growth of this march will change this order. What will stop this power is this convinced and determined meeting of the peoples. We will be everywhere in this country, this has been our slogan before: We are the HDP, we are everywhere. We are determined. No power will prevent us from meeting with the peoples. Those who want to stir up hatred, enmity and hatred between the peoples will never succeed because the HDP exists. As long as the HDP exists, hatred will disappear, when the HDP grows, enmity will disappear, this country will step out of darkness into light. This is what we promise. No one can defeat a people who protect their land, their water, their air, their work and their dignity. Yes, the HDP is the people. It is the will of the people, it is the house of common struggle, the place of common resistance for all religions, the home of the struggle for freedom."