River Bridge in Şemdinli, one of the many beautiful historical spots of Kurdistan

The River Bridge in Şemdinli is one of the natural beauties of Kurdistan.

Şemzinan (Şemdinli), in the province of Hakkari (Colemêrg), has a history of thousands of years, hosts many civilizations and also has dozens of historical artefacts. One of these works is the historical stone bridge river. River Stone Bridge is located on the Şemzinan Stream, 13 km away from the town center.

The bridge, built in 1898 by Sheikh Muhammed Sıddık, son of Sheikh Ubeydullah Nehir, a member of the Nehir family, is located in a deep valley between high mountains. Both legs of the river bridge rest on rocks. The height of the bridge is 11 meters and its length is 21 meters.

The River Bridge continues to dazzle with its different beauty every season and has become a popular destination for dozens of visitors every year.

One of the citizens who came to see the river stone bridge is Mahmut Temel who said that he comes to Şemdinli in different seasons to take photos on the River Bridge. He said that the bridge should be preserved.