Preliminary agreement to form a three-party government in Germany

The Social Democrats (SPD), the winner of the German election, along with the Greens and Liberals, have achieved a preliminary agreement to form a government.

SPD leader Olaf Scholz, Greens leader Annalena Baerbock, and Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) leader Christian Lindner held a joint press conference following a meeting on Friday.

SPD leader Olaf Scholz said: “We have reached an agreement on a text. This is a very good outcome. This obviously demonstrates that a government can be formed in Germany."

In Germany’s general election on September 26, the SPD passed the Christian-Democratic CDU-CSU by a slight margin. Chancellor Angela Merkel's political family, the CDU-CSU, received 24.1 per cent of the vote, while the SPD came in first with 25.7 per cent.

The Greens came in third with 14.8 per cent of the vote, while the FDP came in fourth with 11.5 per cent.