"Political Prisoners: Isolation, ill-treatment and torture" conference in Brussels

Tomorrow at the European Parliament, the conference "Political Prisoners: Isolation, ill-treatment and torture".

The conference "Political Prisoners: Isolation, ill-treatment and torture" will take place tomorrow, Thursday, at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The conference is organized jointly by ELDH, AED and MAF-DAD, which said that "the conference will serve as a platform for engaging discussions surrounding the rights and challenges faced by political prisoners, with a particular emphasis on both European examples and the pressing situation within Imralı Prison in Turkey."

The program is as follows: 

Opening speeches:

Representatives of host organisations

- Association for Democracy and International Law (MAF-DAD)

- European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (ELDH)

- European Democratic Lawyers (AED)

Keynote speaker: Marc Nève (TBD), Former Chair of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)

First Panel:

Political Prisoners' Rights in Europe: Examining examples and challenges.

-Urko Aiartza Azurtza, Co-president of the European association of lawyers for democracy and world's human rights (ELDH):

The situation of political prisoners in the Basque Country

-Aurora D'agostino, Co-president of the Democratic Lawyers of Italy (GD):

The Case and Prison Conditions of Ilaria Salis

Second Panel:

IImralı Prison and the Context in Turkey: Understanding the unique challenges and advocating for change.

-Representative of the İmralı Delegation 2024:

The findings of the İmralı Delegation 2024

-IIbrahim Bilmez, Lawyer from Asrın Law Office

The situation in IImralı Prison and the Right to Hope