Police storm DEM Party building in Batman

The building of the DEM Party's Batman Provincial Organisation was raided by Turkish police.

Turkish police raided the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Batman Provincial Organisation building on Wednesday.

While searches have been carried out in the blockaded party building, the reason for the raid could not be learned.

The raid took place at a time when the DEM Party has been systematically targeted by the Turkish ruling circles and media in recent days.

The party members warned the police that they could not conduct a search without lawyers and provincial co-chairs of the party. According to reports from the ground, the police responded that: "We will conduct the search, go and complain wherever you want". The police closed the entrances and exits of the building upon the reaction of the party members.

DEM Party Batman Provincial Organisation said, "AKP-MHP fascism, which was defeated in the elections, wants to postpone its inevitable end by attacking the Kurds and the Kurdish party! We are waiting for all our people in front of our provincial building to embrace their party! Batman, claim your will!"

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the party building and protested the raid with the slogans "We will win by resisting" and "Pressures cannot deter us".

People are still waiting outside the party office and the police continue to search inside.